Avoiding another Eager situation in SMITE

This morning /r/smite and Twitter were abuzz with details of the Eager drama. ATR's side, Zapman's side, players speaking out... why did this happen? More importantly, how can we prevent it from happening again?

Should SMITE’s tournament structure be changed?

Your favorite team. You've been rooting for them all season long. When the big tournament rolls around -- say, SMITE's recent Spring Masters event -- they play one best of three and... that's it. They lost. They're out of the tournament. Is this good tournament design?

SMITE: Most-Wanted Features

No game is perfect. Existing aspects can be improved; new features can be implemented. Inspired by r/smite posts, social media chatter and years of playing SMITE and other games in the same vein, here is a compilation of the most-wanted features from which the third-person MOBA could benefit.

A call for more meaningful stats

These days, Hi-Rez seems to tiptoe around players' feelings: MMR is hidden, only wins are counted on their official stats site and there's no way to get a solid look at how you're faring in many aspects of the game. Let's bring back meaning to the stats page.

The great divide between PC and console

Two worlds exist in SMITE — PC and console. They are harmonious, however, distinct. They have different metas, prefer different game modes, and certain abilities are more or less powerful due to the differences in control scheme.

What’s up with Season 4 ranked?

A fresh season, a full Elo wipe and a fist full of problems sums up SMITE's Season 4 ranked experience. While Hi-Rez deserves credit for implementations that are a step in the right direction, other issues need to be ironed out.

SMITE: Moments You Probably Lost the Game

Welcome to a new list-style post that's going to be put out on a regular basis. Meet The SMITE Scrub 5. You know how sometimes you're pretty sure you just lost the game? Yeah, that happens a lot. Here are the top five moments when you start to get that vibe.