SMITE: Moments You Probably Lost the Game

Much as we try to maintain the appearance of an outwardly upbeat player, sometimes on the inside there is a nagging, sinking moment when we’re certain the game is lost.

This unfortunate feeling could happen at any time — the picking phase, the loading screen, early game, the halfway mark, or 50 minutes in. It could be a bad draft, the constant BM that began before the match even started, or the heavy dread of an upcoming laning phase against your least favorite god.

Here are the top five.

Honorable Mention: When Your Titan is About to Die

Image credit: In-game screenshot taken by the author

Alright, wise guys and gals, if we didn’t get this out of the way, someone would go and point out the obvious. As your Titan is being ripped to smithereens by five of the enemy players while you stand by helplessly with tears in your eyes, it’s probably over. GG;WP.

5. Keyboard Warriors

Image credit: In-game screenshot of totally realistic and hardcore trash talk, taken by the author 

One of the downsides of playing any multiplayer PC game is the constant temptation of a keyboard and total anonymity for persons to say whatever they want with no real consequences. Certain players like to make use of this feature by throwing animosity at others instead of keeping a close eye on their own play.

Funny and ironic as it is when they die to an incoming gank while typing out a 47 page dissertation on how bad you are, most of us would rather just have teammates who play the game.

4. Someone Re-Rolled the Healer in Assault

Image credit: A lovely Microsoft Paint creation of the author

Ah, the enigmatic person who rolls away the healer in a friendly game of Assault. Not much is known about these individuals; they humbly go about their lives shrouded in mystery.

Perhaps they are noobs. Perhaps they’re trolling. Perhaps they are the manliest of men who just like to play the game on hard mode. No one is exactly sure. What is sure, though, is that you lost this game.

3. The Entire Enemy Team of Professional Players

Sometimes you just want to kick back and play a relaxing game of Arena or Siege. Unfortunately, Luminosity Gaming or EGR had the same idea. By the fates of SMITE matchmaking, you’re now up against them.

While pros aren’t unbeatable, it’s intimidating and a coordinated party of high-skilled players is usually going to be better than the hodgepodge on the other team. Game over, but at least you’ll get to fanboy or fangirl in the post-game lobby.

2. Raid Boss Solo Laner

Image credit: From the official SMITE patch notes for “Combo Breaker,” found here.

It’s happened to us all. We get our first big item as an ADC or support and we feel confident in the direction the game is headed.

We then glance at the scoreboard and our jaw drops in horror as we see the enemy Tyr or Ravana standing six levels above everyone else. When this guy starts showing up to fights, it’s lights out.

Your support frantically calculates your team’s DPS and healing versus the Raid Boss’s health and protections, but it’s not enough. In the end, he just chuckles as you poke him with your puny attacks before penta-ing at the 20 minute mark.

1. Losing an Objective at the Wrong Moment

Image credit: In-game screenshot taken by the author

This is the worst feeling. If this happens to you, it probably means your team threw the game. It usually goes like this — everything is going swimmingly until the other team steals the Fire Giant. Suddenly, your team is wiped and the game spirals out of control as you are powerless to stop it.

Thanks to that Fire Giant buff, they mow through your outer towers and phoenixes like they’re made of paper. Finally, your Titan collapses, no longer able to handle the onslaught. You had all of the momentum in the world to lose and they had everything to gain. GG.

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