The great divide between PC and console

Before launching on Xbox One in 2015, SMITE called PC its only home for upwards of three years. Today it is multiplatform across PC and consoles.

While these two worlds — console and PC — exist, they are distinct. A veteran PC player dabbling on the Xbox version would be surprised. Rama ult is harder to hit? Why are Medusa and Bellona in every game?

According to DevinJMcIntyre, SMITE content creator, some abilities are harder to hit or juke on console controls. This affects characters for better or worse.


Even I can’t miss this!

Gods with easy-to-land abilities are favored. McIntyre said Medusa has always been the top ADC choice for console thanks to the generous hit box on her second and ultimate abilities, though she is just making her way back into the PC professional meta. And you’d be hard-pressed to find an Ullr player.

“Season 2 and 3 were all about big circles,” said McIntyre, pointing to characters like Odin, Zeus and Poseidon.

The great divide

Plus, there’s that nasty saying: “Diamond on console = Bronze on PC.”

While McIntyre doesn’t believe the skill gap to be quite that wide, a divide does exist. To him, it’s only natural that players hoping to hit it big would flock to PC over consoles because of larger prize pools, more tournaments and a reputation as the most competitive.

“The best want to play PC,” said McIntyre.

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