SMITE: Most-Wanted Features

No game is perfect. Existing aspects can be improved; new features can be implemented. Inspired by r/smite posts, social media chatter and years of playing SMITE and other games in the same vein, here is a compilation of the most-wanted features from which the third-person MOBA could benefit.

Honorable Mention: God History Screen for Console Users

If you think this is impressive, you should see my 12% Awilix win rate.

Hey PC players, you know that cool “History” screen we have that shows all of our detailed stats with a given god: kill/death, win/loss, even minion kills, all sortable by queue type? Console players don’t have that nor do they have an equivalent. Without this screen, how else is everyone supposed to know you’re the best Ares player ever (probably)?

7. Gifting

Easy, Breezy, Chibi, Beautiful, Kukulkan.

Your friend wants the Breezy Chibi Kukulkan skin or is a huge fan of NRG esports and is dying for the new Ao Kuang skin. Instead of just gifting them the gems, it’d be a lot more personal to be able to send them that Ao Kuang skin directly or gift them a Spring Holiday chest roll.

Of course, certain things would need to be addressed — gifting using favor or with free login bonus currency would probably be a no-no — but other MOBAs Dota 2 and League of Legends both have successful gifting systems in place, so why not SMITE?

6. Queue Time Time-Killer

Jungle practice. Trust me, this is definitely the build.

The classic 4 a.m. ranked queue. It could be two minutes or 20. Streamers have taken to tabbing out and playing games like Hearthstone, Rocket League and Overwatch, but what if there was something you could do in SMITE?

Other games allow players to spectate matches and replays, play mini games that quiz them on game mechanics and items, or even engage in a bot match or jungle practice, all while still queuing. Sure sounds like a worthy addition to SMITE.

5. Clan Point Dump

Shut up and take my personal honor!

While clans and clan currency, called personal honor, were great implementations, nothing has been added beyond the initial clan chests. If you’ve been playing a long time, chances are you’ve accumulated an embarrassingly huge amount of this.

Reddit user LetsNarvik suggested letting players buy Team Worshiper Boosts with clan points, which is an interesting idea. Whatever it ends up being, SMITE players have been begging for a personal honor dump for months.

4. Multiqueue

¿Por que no los todos?

Sometimes deciding what game mode to play is hard. Sometimes you wish you had the psychic powers to know your impulsive Siege queue was going to be 14 minutes, because then you wouldn’t have picked that mode in the first place. Multiqueue is the best of both worlds, allowing players to select multiple modes — or all of them — to queue for at the same time.

This gives players both the best match, since the shorter the queue time, the less the parameters for an acceptable match expanded, at the same time as letting them queue for whatever they like. And it could populate the lesser-played modes with players willing to hit that check box in hopes of getting a shorter queue time. Win-win-win.

3. Improved Replay System

Replays should always be available, not just sparingly.

Replays, a valuable tool in learning the game, as well as documenting issues like hacking or intentional feeding, aren’t available in every ranked game anymore. To be recorded, a match either has to be above an average MMR or have a player spectating, so they’re rarely recorded for the players who may need them the most. Players also can’t download them to their PCs to keep forever and older replays are rendered incompatible after every new patch. This outdated system needs work.

2. Better and More Detailed Stats

There is a lot of information here, but all of it is useless.

I talked about the loss of meaningful stats in an earlier post. On the profile page, instead of hard numbers like win rates and MMR, we’re shown useless information like how many god skins, ward skins and icons we own. All the profile boils down to now is how much money you’ve spent on SMITE.

Hi-Rez’s own stats site won’t give us the hard details either, only showing wins as opposed to wins over losses. There are third party sites, but none are very good and they can’t get all the information due to private profiles. The best place to get stats is always a first party source, but Hi-Rez isn’t giving us much to go on.

1. Meaningful Ranked System

When no one on my friends list is below Platinum, we may have a problem.

Hi-Rez has always had a functioning ranked system for SMITE, but they’ve never gotten it right. In March I wrote about the problems with Season 4 Ranked. It was based on facts and statements from pro players.

Whether there are Bronze players in the same game as Masters, people who were Silver the prior season qualifying directly into Diamond, or players having 40% win rates yet being allowed to maintain high ranks, the system has never felt like it matters. When someone says “I’m Diamond” or “I’m Masters,” it’s met with shrugs and indifference in Season 4. These would-be impressive ranks have no meaning.

In February HiRezPonPon announced he had been moved to System Design — which he said included ranked — so hopefully we will start seeing improvements to the ladder in due course.

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