Site undergoing renovations

Hey y’all. First of all, I can’t apologize enough for being inactive lately. I still get views on the site every day, so I know people are stopping by, whether through search or otherwise, and I am SO sorry I haven’t had anything new for you to read! School, life and not a lot of SMITE playing has gotten in the way of producing content.


Anyway, enough about that… onto the stuff! I am attempting to give SMITE Scrub a complete renovation. As such, it looks like absolute crap at the moment, and I appreciate you bearing with me here. Basically everything you see right now is not a representation of how it will look (I know certain things like the header are placeholder and look especially bad).

Hopefully in a few days or so, I’ll have a nice site for you to look at and some new content up as we head into the last stretch of 2017 SMITE.

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