COG Scylla, Epsolon Sol, NRG Chronos and EGR Rat available for a limited time

SMITE’s Super Regionals LAN started today. Here, teams will fight for a spot at January 2018’s Hi-Rez Expo, home of the SMITE World Championship. For spectators and players at home, this means some pretty cool exclusive skins have become available for direct purchase again.

COG Scylla, Epsolon Sol, NRG Chronos and Eager Ratatoskr are all skins released to honor SMITE World Championship teams: 2015’s champions COG, 2016’s Epsilon, 2017’s NRG and 2017’s Xbox champions, Eager. At the moment, they’re all directly purchasable on the SMITE store for 300 gems, which is 25% off their former direct-purchase prices of 400 gems.

Eager Rat, NRG Chronos, Epsolon Sol, COG Scylla SMITE Skins on sale
Screenshot from SMITE’s in-game store of the skins currently on sale

Normally, these skins are sold as direct purchases for a short time before being relegated to the Divine Chest. Opportunities to roll the Divine Chest are rare (for example, you can get a Divine Chest roll with this year’s Digital Loot Pack), so if fans didn’t buy them when they were purchasable, they’re out of luck to obtain them at will.

Presumably, the skins will be on sale throughout this week’s Super Regionals, which runs until Sunday, November 5th. You might want to get them as soon as you can, just in case.

Shoutout to reddit user BonhartDraconi, whose post alerted users to the sale, which wasn’t widely advertised as of this writing.

Update: Hi-Rez has since officially tweeted out the sale, which also include past Season 4 Season Ticket Split bundles. The skins included with Split Bundles are marked as Limited, so if you didn’t pick them up earlier, this may be the last time (or one of the last times) to get them.

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