Patch 4.21 launches for PC SMITE; 4.20 now on Xbox

Today is patch day for SMITE players in two communities: PC has received Patch 4.21: Shadows Over Hercopolis, and Xbox One is now on Patch 4.20: Tides of China. The latter was delayed due to certifications related to the new Xbox One X console’s enhanced 4K content.

In Patch 4.21 on PC, the highlights include new goddess Discordia, new PvE Adventure (and the patch’s namesake) Shadows Over Hercopolis and the fifth installment of The Odyssey event.

New Odyssey items include Primal Shaman Ganesha, Exterminator Kali and the Hindu pantheon recall FX. The Fire and Ice pedestal has been added as the 52,500 point collection bonus to hype up the Tier 5 Ullr’s impending launch, which was also teased over the weekend at the SMITE Super Regionals. If you’re following along with The Odyssey quests to earn the free Odyssey points, the Hindu quest line has now opened up seven new quests for you to complete.

On the balance side of things, Ullr has received somewhat of an overhaul along with being buffed (convenient, since an expensive skin is about to be released for him šŸ˜‰): you can now see the cooldown on the abilities for the stance he is not currently on (similar to newer stance-switching gods like Artio), and he has had mana costs and cast times reduced on several abilities. Experienced Ullr players are currently considering the decreased cast time on the axe a nerf which makes sense — they’ve been practicing the other one for years, and now suddenly it’s different. We’ll see how it plays out as players get more practice on the new patch.

If you’re over on Xbox, 4.20: Tides of China has arrived at last. 4.20 brings part four of The Odyssey, which added Pixel Rush He Bo, Sand Viper Ao Kuang and the Super Chill announcer pack. Super Chill Bacchus has also been added as a collection bonus for 42,000 Odyssey points. The rest of the new skins were part of the SWC 2018 Digital Loot Pack, like Mystic Defender Neith, SWC 2018 Queen Aphrodite, SWC 2018 King Thor and Convention 2018 Cernunnos.

On Xbox,Ā Amaterasu, Kumbhakarna, Guan Yu, Poseidon and Zeus have been buffed. Artio, Izanami and Raijin have received nerfs. On the item side of things, Executioner and Shield of Thorns have been nerfed, and you’ll notice Soul Eater has been revamped (again).

Your eyes also might take a moment to adjust to the new item icons added with the 4.20 patch. Hi-Rez has overhauled the color scheme on the item system “to make them more consistent with their item treeā€™s color scheme.” For example, Deathbringer is now red so it looks more alike to other crit items in the same tree.

To view the full patch notes for PC’s 4.21 patch, head over to SMITE’s official site here. If you’re an Xbox player, the full 4.20 console notes can be seen here.


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