SMITE’s patch 4.21 hot fix now live on PC

SMITE’s Shadows Over Hercopolis patch, numbered 4.21, launched a day early. Unfortunately, the patch was also one of the buggiest in recent memory. While nothing was particularly game-breaking, there were annoyances like all friend activity appearing in clan chat and buggy icons in the post-game screen. A hot fix has been released to fix some minor issues.

RIP The Mini Icons Bug October 6th, 2017 – October 7th, 2017
Patch notes

The full patch notes have been posted on the official SMITE forums, courtesy of HiRezDavid:

  •  Players not teleporting to the Loki Level after defeating Surtr on Hard Difficulty
  • Missing Loki VO triggers in the Loki area
  • Clan Leaders unable to demote officers
  • Chivalry Treasure Chest not displaying item icons when for purchase rolls.
  • Izanami Dreadful Doll icon not displaying.
  • Friends coming online/offline appearing in the Clan Chat tab instead of System Tab
  • Gold vault purchasing in foreign languages should be fixed.
Known issues

There are still three known issues:

  • If you simultaneously kill all of Draugr’s fingers you get soft locked.
  • Announcer packs are not playing properly.
  • In some rare instances, the Digital Lootpack may appear to be purchasable multiple times.

Presumably a lot of smaller bugs unmentioned in the patch notes — like the mini icon problem, which is no longer occurring in the post-game lobby — were also fixed.

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