New SMITE stats site shows the first three days of patch 4.21 ranked

Behind every MOBA is a great stats site. Dota has Dotabuff and Open Dota. League of Legends has too many to name. SMITE has… well… SMITE doesn’t really have any. Sure, there are things like SMITE.Guru, which is good for looking at individual player stats. But there’s nothing that will give players the bigger picture: Which gods have the highest win rates? What god is statistically likely to win against another god? How are gods faring through different patches?

Today reddit user gesscu posted their compilation of ranked stats for the first three days of SMITE’s patch 4.21. The website, which is simply labeled SMITE Stats, shows gods’ pick and ban percentages, win rates, win rates against each other, what percentage of their damage was done by abilities versus auto attacks and more. The data is also compared to patch 4.20 — you can see 4.20’s stats here — to show what gods have seen bumps or declines in their effectiveness since the new patch’s launch.

A small sampling from SMITE Stats

According to a comment from HiRezSt3alth, the site has been highly praised in Hi-Rez’s office, including by SMITE’s Lead Designer Ajax and Systems Designer PonPon.

Hopefully SMITE Stats’ creator, the mysterious gesscu, keeps going with it. Stats in a competitive game are fascinating, not to mention something that is currently lacking in the SMITE world. They can help players understand what’s strong and why, examine counter picks and more. And hey, if you’re in a bind of what to pick in a ranked SMITE lobby, why not just grab the god with the highest statistical chance to win against your lane opponent?

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