Spacestation Gaming picks up Challenger Circuit team Xeno and the Bots

Spacestation Gaming’s SMITE Pro League roster failed to qualify for the SMITE World Championships at last week’s Super Regionals. Instead of being deterred, the org has doubled down on their SMITE involvement by picking up North American Challenger Circuit team Xeno and the Bots.

Even if you don’t keep up with the Challenger Circuit, you’ll find the roster full of familiar faces from the SPL and their SMITE streams: Xenotronics (best-known as a former mid for Luminosity Gaming), on-and-off professional player and popular streamer Incon, Elchapo (most recently hailing from Noble and Team AI) and Uzzy and Plazma, both fresh off the A Mighty Storm SPL debacle.

The Spacestation crew has released a video to hype up the announcement (fair warning — it is loud):

Spacestation has confirmed this does not change anything for their current SPL roster and is a separate entity.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see organizations moving into or deepening their involvement in SMITE as opposed to moving out of it. It seems like usually when we hear news about orgs in SMITE, it’s bad news, scandals or otherwise. Hopefully other orgs will take note and continue to grow the SMITE scene in a positive way.

Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see both Spacestation squads in the Pro League.

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