Hi-Rez releases patch notes for SMITE 4.22: Passage to Egypt

The release of the latest patch notes for SMITE should help your Hump Day go by a little quicker. Hi-Rez has revealed the buffs and nerfs, Adventure updates, skins and more for patch 4.22: Passage to Egypt. It’s refreshingly small compared to the last patch, which included the new Adventure and new goddess Discordia, but should still give players plenty to be excited about nonetheless.

SMITE Kunoichi Serqet
Kunoichi Serqet

As always, you can read our synopsis below or head over to the official SMITE site and view the patch notes in their entirety.

Just in case you didn’t think Hard Mode in Shadows of Hercopolis was hard enough, Hi-Rez will be adding a new difficulty in patch 4.22: Nightmare Mode.

The Odyssey is about to enter chapter six. With patch 4.22, the Egyptian quest line will open up. Completing all seven quests will reward another pantheon loading screen, and of course, you can earn 500 Odyssey Points per completed quest. New Odyssey skins include Kunoichi Serqet and Druidstone Geb. The Scarab Jump Stamp will also be added for direct purchase. The Oni Musha Hachiman skin is the next collection reward to be added.

SMITE Druid Geb
Druidstone Geb

Winter is also coming to SMITE. Snowy (and icy) new skins Snow Day Scylla and Ice Mage Agni are both going into chests as exclusive skins. Lastly, in the skin department, Serqet’s new skin has given Hi-Rez a chance to overhaul her mastery skins. Wintry icons and music include the Cutesy Snowman avatar and the Winter Holiday music theme. Hachiman and Geb are also receiving dance emotes.

As far as balance goes, Hi-Rez is looking to tighten balance as we near the SMITE World Championships. Patch 4.22 changes were made with “making targeted adjustments that ensure multiple strategies are viable at the competitive level” in mind. Specifically, Hi-Rez is targeting Hunters, whom have been preferred to Mages in competitive play.

SMITE Oni Musha Hachiman
Oni Musha Hachiman

As such, Titan’s Bane had a nerf and a cost increase. In turn, select magical defense items now give less magical protection: Void Stone and Shogun’s Kisari. Some mages items also have buffs: Tiny Trinket, Lost Artifact and Soul Trap (first- and second-tier mage items) have received cost decreases and power buffs. Doom Orb has also had its MP5 and power increased at the cost of now only having 40 maximum stacks (instead of 50).

Soul Eater has also been buffed. Hi-Rez said the item was “simply too expensive and comes online too slowly for most gods.”

SMITE Snow Day Scylla
Snow Day Scylla

Items aren’t the only things with changes, and there have been direct changes to a few gods. Fenrir, one of the game’s oldest Assassins, is receiving a lot of quality-of-life-changes-slash-buffs, and Hi-Rez says he has “been performing poorly for some time, often sitting near the bottom of all gods.” As players know, Fenrir’s kit revolves around his rune passive applying different buffs to his abilities when it is stacked. However, the stacks being consumed by Fenrir’s steroid, Seething Howl, meant he couldn’t use Seething Howl’s buffs in combination with the buffs of his other abilities. With this patch, Seething Howl will no longer consume runes, but at the same time, this means it will no longer be buffed by Fenrir’s passive. Fenrir has also received a protection buff while channeling Brutalize, and his ultimate, Ragnarok, has been overhauled with a larger range and new targeter.

Artio will been nerfed (surprise, surprise) because she continues to be “an absolute top pick at the competitive level,” and Cu Chulainn has also been nerfed due to his place at the “top end of the stats.”

SMITE Ice Mage Agni
Ice Mage Agni

Ymir will receive a small, but meaningful buff: “Frostbite Passive is now immediately applied to enemies in the area, and refreshed by the detonate.” As Ymir would say, “Ymir happy!”

Lastly, if you like getting achievements (either in-game or through the Steam or Xbox client), Discordia will have her achievement set added:

  • Curse of Discord – As Discordia, use your Golden Apple of Discord Ability to throw the apple to an enemy and have it spread automatically to 2 other enemies in a single cast.
  • Spreading Strife – As Discordia, use the Strife Ability to turn 2 enemy Gods against each other 3 times in a single match.
SMITE Serqet New Mastery Skins
Serqet will have her mastery skins updated

If patch 4.22 follows the usual schedule, it should launch on Tuesday, November 21st on PC with consoles following a week later on November 28th.

Update: The patch will launch a day early for PC on Monday, November 20th.

Update: The patch will launch on Monday, November 27th for Xbox One and PS4.

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