PTS up now for SMITE 4.22; official launch coming Monday

If you’ve been itching to try out SMITE’s patch 4.22 since yesterday’s patch notes show, the wait is over. SMITE producer Blake Harrison, or HiRezRev, has tweeted out that the PTS is now up. In even more exciting news for PC players, HiRezRev revealed the patch will launch Monday, November 20th instead of Tuesday due to the American Thanksgiving holiday next week.

SMITE Ice Mage Agni
Agni thinks it’s ‘ice’ that the PTS is up

This is the second time in a row the patch has been released a day early. Last time, the cost was pretty steep and the patch required multiple hot fixes, and we’re left with other smaller issues like EVERYTHING ON THE POST-GAME SCREEN BEING IN ALL CAPS. Hopefully this time around, the launch is smoother.

In other news, wait… you’re still here? Get over to the PTS servers! If you need to see what’s new, head over to SMITE Scrub’s patch roundup. And, if you’re a console player, I’ll keep you posted of the Xbox One and PS4 launch date for patch 4.22.

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