Last day to get Venus Aphrodite SMITE skin through Hand of the Gods is November 16

If you’ve played a few of Hi-Rez Studios’ video games, you know they’re a fan of the ‘Buy Stuff in Our Games to Get Stuff in Our Other Games’ philosophy. The only way to get the Venus Aphrodite SMITE skin is through Hi-Rez’s SMITE-themed card game, Hand of the Gods. The window of opportunity to get the skin RNG-free is closing on November 16 when the limited-time Venus Competitor’s Pack will no longer be sold in Hand of the Gods.

SMITE Hand of the Gods Venus Aphrodite

Purchase of the pack unlocks the Venus Aphrodite skin in SMITE along with a bunch of Hand of the Gods goodies. You can purchase it through the Steam store or directly through Hand of the Gods for US$20.

The skin is not limited; it’s exclusive, so it won’t be gone forever. But it’ll likely be locked to a chest from here on out, so pick your poison: buying it in HotG or taking your chances in a chest down the road.

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