Xbox One and PS4 get SMITE Ultimate God Pack sales; save 50%

Even though it’s only Monday, Black Friday sales have already begun for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 SMITE players.

On PS4, players can save 40% on the Ultimate God Pack Bundle or an additional 10%, or 50% off, if they’re a PlayStation Plus member. Link here. The sale ends on November 28th (be wary of when it ends in your time zone).

On Xbox One, SMITE fans can save 50% off the Ultimate God Pack Bundle if they are an Xbox Live Gold member. Link here. To play SMITE online, you’d need an Xbox Live Gold membership which gives access to online play, so even though the deal seems a tad limited, in reality all Xbox SMITE players are Xbox Live Gold members. The sale ends on November 28th (double check and see what time it ends in your time zone to avoid any issues).

SMITE Ultimate God Pack Sale
Save 50% on the Ultimate God Pack on SMITE Xbox One and PS4. PC players, don’t worry — a sale is surely coming soon.

If you’ve forgotten what the Ultimate God Pack includes, you get access to every god that is already released and every god that will release from now until forever. Right now, SMITE is sitting pretty with 92 gods available, the newest being Discordia.

I can attest that the God Pack is easily the most bang for my $30 (or your regional equivalent) I’ve gotten in a long time, with thousands of hours and SMITE games played. You also get any favor you’ve spent on purchasing gods refunded, so you may get a nice chunk of change back if you’re been grinding out favor to buy gods.

If you’re a PC player, don’t worry — Hi-Rez runs the same SMITE sales religiously, so you can expect a discount on the PC Ultimate God pack soon enough through the Hi-Rez store and on Steam.


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