Hot fix goes out for SMITE patch 4.22

Hi-Rez keeps releasing SMITE patches earlier, but they seem to be getting buggier and requiring more hot fixes than usual. Today, a hot fix went out for SMITE patch 4.22. Patch 4.22 was released with a buggy match history, random old god icons making their way back into the mix and more.

SMITE Serqet New Mastery Skins

Here are the hot fix patch notes, courtesy of HiRezDavid on the official forums:

  • Fixed issue with increased XP gained from Conquest Minions
  • Fixed issue with Kali and The Morrigan’s passive icons missing
  • Fixed issues with Child’s Play Chest UI
  • Emotes now properly display as grayed out when they are not owned
  • Draugr’s portrait now uses the proper icon (not the AFK icon)
  • Updated Fenrir’s ability text to reflect Patch Notes changes
  • God portraits for Arachne, Bacchus, and Freya defaults have been corrected
  • Fixed issues with Match History UI
  • Fixed issue with Scylla’s dogs not visible during emotes in lobby
  • Discordia Spreading Strife achievement has been edited for grammar

There is also the known issue that the “minimap gets stuck snapping to a screen edge when editing your HUD — will continue to be an issue until 4.23.”

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