SMITE Cyber Monday sale: all current chests 25% off

If you just bought a bunch of gems in the sale and are itching to spend them, a discount on chests is probably what you were hoping for. Hi-Rez has announced via SMITE’s official Twitter account that all currently available chests are 25% off.

All Chests 25% Off SMITE

Here are the currently available chests and their discounted prices:

  • Winter Holiday – 300 gems
  • Chivalry – 225 gems
  • Gothic – 150 gems
  • Warrior’s Will – 300 gems (Not a new sale; it was already 25% off as part of the Class Chest sales that ran this weekend)
  • Hocus Pocus – 150 gems
  • Sensational – 150 gems
  • Odyssey 2018 – 150 gems
  • The price of the Emote Chest has not changed and is still 20 gems

If you need to see what’s in each chest, the official SMITE Wiki is endlessly helpful for that. The Monday sales presumably end whenever the new day starts in SMITE time, which is 5 a.m. ET.

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