SMITE Nightmare Mode veterans share wisdom with videos and tips threads

With Shadows Over Hercopolis’ Nightmare Mode going live for SMITE Xbox One and PS4 players just today, and only 36 players having beaten it on PC as of this writing, help with the challenging mode seems as relevant as ever.

SMITE Adventure Nightmare Mode
Funnily enough, every god in this picture is terrible in Nightmare Mode.

SMITE Scrub has rounded up a few videos and tips for those who want to complete Nightmare. The most important part seems to be having a coordinated team with the same goal in mind, and it’s probably darn near impossible with a squad of randoms. Having already farmed the Normal and Hard modes quite a bit to get the necessary items is essential as well, and the videos released so far assume you’ve already done so. Players are taking advantage of everything they can, so using all three blessings is a given too. There are three characters currently dominating the meta for Nightmare — Aphrodite, Cernunnos and Anhur — and included is one video from each god’s perspective.

In the first, DaytoRemeber teams up with sam4soccer2 and Divios to complete Nightmare Mode. Even if you’re not a professional player like these three, their guidance should help you.

DaytoRemeber, sam4soccer2 and Divios


Lineup and Builds

  1. Aphrodite (Divios): Boots of the Magi, Pythagorem’s Piece, Shogun’s Kisari, Rod of Asclepius, Chronos Pendant and Rod of Tahuti. While at first his item choices look like a fairly straightforward mage-healer build, Divios is providing a lot to his team. The aura from Rod of Asclepius will boost the amount his team heals, including from lifesteal, and Pythagorem’s Piece gives both a power and lifesteal boost to the team. Of course, with a build like this, Aphrodite’s damage output is nothing to scoff at either, and she possesses the ability to heal her teammates and increase their movement speed with Kiss.
  2. Cernunnos (DaytoRemeber): Bloodforge, Hastened Fatalis, Asi, Deathbringer, Wind Demon and Malice. Even without boots, Cern has plenty of movement speed with Hastened Fatalis and Wind Demon’s passives and Aphrodite’s Kiss ability, plus a boatload of lifesteal, damage and critical chance. Cern can also toggle his first ability at will to add more lifesteal, damage or penetration to the equation.
  3. Anhur (sam4soccer2): Devourer’s Gloves, Deathbringer, Wind Demon, Executioner, Malice and Asi. Noticing a trend with these Hunter builds? It’s all about lifesteal, damage, attack speed, penetration and crit. If you watch the video, you’ll also see Anhur used for strategic pillar blocking, which is why he was selected over other Hunters that could have been chosen.

ForDemKids, PrinceofCrows1 and owAnthem


Lineup and Builds

  1. Anhur (ForDemKids): Devourer’s Gloves, Asi, Bloodforge, Deathbringer, Malice, Wind Demon. Forgoing boots seems to be the norm among Hunter players who have completed Nightmare. Similar to DaytoRemeber’s and sam4soccer2’s builds in the first example, Anhur has a huge amount of power and lifesteal with this build, and his pillar is essential for these runs.
  2. Aphrodite (PrinceofCrows1): ForDemKids’ squad also chose Aphrodite as their healer, and Kids’ build is nearly identical to Divios’. The only difference you’ll notice here is that ForDemKids has swapped out boots for a Lotus Crown, which will increase the protections of whomever Aphrodite heals plus give her an MP5 boost.
  3. Cernunnos (owAnthem): Deathbringer, Wind Demon, Bloodforge, Devourer’s Gloves, Asi and Executioner. OwAnthem has forgone Hastened Fatalis and Deathbringer for Devourer’s Gloves and Executioner.

Additional Nightmare Mode Tips

ForDemKids was kind enough to do a write-up on reddit that offers tips on each section of Nightmare Mode. Check it out here.

A few more Nightmare Mode walkthroughs

There are a few other videos out of players beating Nightmare Mode, and guess what? They all have Aphrodite, Anhur and Cernunnos too. The first run is split into two videos, and then there is a third of another run-through.

So what did we learn today?

All the squads used the exact same characters and similar builds, but we don’t have many lineups to choose from with less than 40 players being able to claim they’ve beaten the mode. Whether the Aphro-Cern-Anhur strat is just a fad because the first team to beat it used those gods or whether it’s legitimately the best way to beat Nightmare remains to be seen. Perhaps different strategies will enter the ring soon enough, but for now, if you want a tried and true strategy, you and your friends better brush up on your Aphrodite, Cernunnos and Anhur skills.

Tweet us your Nightmare Mode Adventures @SMITEScrub.

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