SMITE X Edition appears on the Xbox One store

Something called the SMITE X Edition has appeared on the Xbox One store. The information comes courtesy of TrueAchievements, who reported on the new SMITE store page popping up earlier today.

TrueAchievements’ screen grab of the SMITE X Edition’s store page

Microsoft’s upgraded version of the Xbox One, the Xbox One X, has been heavily discussed in the gaming community and was a popular purchase in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The new console plays existing games in higher quality than a regular Xbox One or Xbox One S console. Many publishers have been hopping on board the X train, Hi-Rez Studios included. The SMITE X Edition store page (pictured above) promises “stunning 4K Native HD on Xbox One X.”

Hi-Rez has already confirmed both SMITE and Paladins will be enhanced for the Xbox One X, so that part isn’t surprising. SMITE also has 4K assets available on PC, so it makes sense. However, this new store page also reads: “As a special bonus, you’ll enter the Battleground of the Gods with the Japanese Warrior Amaterasu and her Shining Heaven Skin. Plus, you’ll get a 3 Day Booster to kick-start your ascension into godliness!” So, it looks like Xbox One X players will be getting a little something extra, though the store page still says the edition is “coming soon.”

SMITE's Agents of Darkness Loki Adventures Skin
Loki: now in “stunning 4K native HD”

Hi-Rez is pushing the console versions of SMITE hard as we head into the holiday season: a SMITE PlayStation Plus Pack is going out to PlayStation Plus members in December and now the news of the SMITE X Edition for Xbox One players.

Update: The SMITE X Edition has since been announced to be free for all players but has a pricing error at the moment. For more information, read here.

In the interest of full disclosure, I also write for the website TrueAchievements, though I did not write the article that is referenced in this post.

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