Patch notes for SMITE Xbox One and PS4 December 1 hot fix

On December 1, a hot fix will be going out for the SMITE console versions. The fix addresses only a few but important issues. The patch notes are available on the official forums courtesy of HiRezIsiah.

SMITE Druid Geb
Geb approves of this hot fix. Probably.
  • Fixed an edge case issue that would cause the game to crash while playing with Anubis
  • Fixed an issue where the game client would crash after opening the Top Stats screen
  • The “Buy All” option in the Odyssey will no longer initiate a purchase if you have insufficient Gems

You’ll note a crash regarding something called the “top stats screen” is being fixed. This is the console equivalent of the ‘t’ screen crash, so hopefully a similar fix will be going out for PC soon (unless the ‘t’ screen issue has already been rectified and not documented; Anubis is already back on PC, after all, which is one of the other things fixed in the patch).

Oh yeah, and Anubis is coming back. The last issue about the “Buy All” option was reported on reddit earlier this week when a user accidentally purchased all their gems worth of Odyssey items.

The hot fix will be available for Xbox One and PS4 on December 1.

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