Game mode level requirement change announced for SMITE patch 4.23

Hi-Rez has announced the level requirements for select game modes with tomorrow’s patch 4.23. The announcement appeared on the official forums from HiRezSt3alth and is signed off by the SMITE Design Team.

With patch 4.23, players now will have access to Normal Conquest, Joust and Arena at level 1. Everything else — Clash, Assault, Siege and MOTD — will not be unlocked until level 15.

SMITE’s Arena mode

Currently, players have access to all the normal game modes except Conquest, Assault and MOTD, the three of which unlock at level 5.

According to the design team, the change was done for a few key reasons:

  • Funneling new players into the three modes so that matchmaking is better
  • Conquest, Joust and Arena already have the highest player populations, so matchmaking is better there in the first place
  • Players now have access to Conquest, the main mode that SMITE is balanced around, at level 1

Hi-Rez hopes the change will “improve the experience for both new and veteran players alike.” PC players will see it live in patch 4.23 on Tuesday, December 5th. If you need to read the rest of the patch notes for patch 4.23, head over here.

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