SMITE drama erupts over Mirage suspension

Christmas may have come early for SMITE players who love a good bit of drama. The latest escapade has all the fixings: bans, lying, swear words, exaggeration, a bunch of well-known SMITE personalities commenting on it and more.

What happened?

Let’s start from the top. Earlier today, Team Vigilant (formerly known as SPL Gatekeepers) player Mirage posted a TwitLonger detailing his “permanent ban from competitive smite all because of one ranked game.” According to Mirage, he was in a game with streamer Mattypocket, used a curse word directed at his friend ManRay, and Mattypocket reported him because of it, resulting in a ban.

Mirage TwitLonger
Screenshot of Mirage’s TwitLonger

He accused Mattypocket of abusing his popularity as a streamer to get others banned, a serious accusation. A “permanent competitive ban” is also as bad as punishments go. This is where the drama starts to get even juicier.

According to HiRezHinduman, in actuality, the alleged “permanent competitive ban” is only a three-day suspension. SMITE’s official suspension/ban policy states that a three-day suspension is given for the first offense, meaning Mirage got the minimum ban, a slap on the wrist. Whether it was a misunderstanding or assumption on Mirage’s part, intentional or a miscommunication, who knows?

Everybody else weighs in

Of course, it wouldn’t be very good drama if things didn’t get more interesting. Other players and personalities began to weigh in on Mirage’s in-game behavior.

Taco also dropped the information that player Defy (if you’re really into the SMITE streaming scene, you may have seen him in high-level ranked games) was originally temp-banned as well before receiving a perma-ban for hate speech found on his account.

And, finally, the information everyone was waiting for

Finally, Hinduman grew tired of the Twitter tirades from all parties involved and posted Mirage’s report history, which includes an impressive 300+ reports with today’s three-day suspension being his first ban ever.

Abuse of power? Poorly implemented ban system?

After seeing Hindu’s post, it’s apparent that Mirage meets the qualifications for a three-day ban. There is the other issue he brought up, though, which is whether or not Mattypocket abused his popularity to push for a ban. Of course, if anything happened, it was behind the scenes, so we will never know for sure. But the fact that over 300 people reported Mirage, and he is just now getting a ban, is troubling, and Hinduman does admit that a streamer can expedite the process at which an account is looked at.

SMITE Scrub’s take

It makes sense that influencers can push for an issue to be looked at. If the same person was running around intentionally feeding in a streamer’s games, that reflects poorly on Hi-Rez and SMITE, and Hi-Rez would want to take care of that ASAP. But what about the rest of us? Are we screaming into the void with our reports? More than 300 players flagged Mirage before today’s incident.

While Mirage has drawn negative attention to himself by forcing Hinduman to play his card and reveal Mirage’s chat logs, he also unintentionally opened a can of worms about the effectiveness of SMITE’s report system, and Hi-Rez will likely be facing questions from the community in the coming days.


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