SMITE PlayStation Plus Pack available now and includes King of the Deep Poseidon

A couple weeks ago, we got wind of a SMITE PlayStation Plus Pack that would be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting December 12. Well, it is December 12, and the pack is up on the PlayStation Store and available for download.

PlayStation Plus SMITE

As for what’s in it, that’s partially still a mystery. There is no description on the official store page aside from what we already knew: “Includes 20 Gods, 31 Skins, 20 Voice Packs and the Khepri Announcer Pack.”

But according to users posting their findings to the SMITE subreddit, the skins are a mix of everything. While there are plenty of recolors and tier twos, users also reported getting King of the Deep Poseidon. Either way, if you’re already paying for PlayStation Plus and get a few things you don’t own, it’s a bonus. Skins also unlock the god in question if you don’t own them.

Remember, the pack is only redeemable until January 9, so don’t dawdle and forget to redeem it before the holidays sweep you away. You can find the link to the pack in the U.S. store here or search “SMITE PlayStation Plus Bundle” in your regional store. Users on reddit reported being able to redeem the promotion outside the U.S.

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