Jeff & Barra: A SMITE Story documentary released

Competitive SMITE is nothing without the players and personalities who compose the professional scene. That’s why SpiffSinister’s 2017 documentary, From Out of Nowhere: The History of Obey SMITE, which took a behind-the-scenes look at Obey’s Ataraxia and PrettyPriMe, clicked with the community. Earlier this week, another documentary was announced, this one based on Luminosity Gaming’s BaRRaCCuDDa and JeffHindla.

Jeff & Barra: A SMITE Story is out now after premiering at the end of the SMITE 4.24: Frostfire patch notes show. It’s personal, touching and gives an honest look at the two personalities thanks to interviews with the players’ families, past and present teammates and fiercest opponents.

The documentary appears to have Hi-Rez’s backing — Jeff & Barra: A SMITE Story was promoted on SMITE’s official Twitter and was uploaded to the SMITE YouTube channel instead of Spiff’s personal channel — so hopefully there are more videos to come.

If you liked Jeff & Barra and haven’t seen the Obey doc, be sure to add it to your watch list too.

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