Hot fix goes out for SMITE’s Hachiman Eagle Eye bug

Players may have been surprised this week upon entering a ranked lobby when they realized that Hachiman was disabled. The god had been temporarily removed from the ranked roster due to a bug with his Eagle Eye ability (read: the one that shoots orange thingies at long range). A hot fix has gone out on PC this morning that fixed the bug and presumably added Hachiman back to ranked.

The patch notes were short and sweet:

  • We fixed an issue where Hachiman’s Eagle Eye ability was not behaving properly.

You may now resume your Hachiman gameplay as normal (unless you’re on console, where the issue has yet to be fixed). On another note, the Saturnalia event started today, so you can earn a free 25 gems for completing a quest plus double worshipers and experience for the next week.

Update: The Hachiman bug on console will finally be fixed in patch 4.25. Read the full article here.

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