SMITE Season 4 ranked skin and loading cards revealed

Season 4 is drawing to a close. As Hi-Rez Studios (probably) closes for the holidays, the team has left the SMITE community with a few parting gifts: images of the Season 4 ranked skin and loading card rewards.

Morrigan Season 4 Ranked Reward Skin
The Morrigan skin earned from getting 75 wins in Season 4 (image courtesy of Hi-Rez Studios)

The skin — which is limited, like past ranked skins — is for The Morrigan. Hi-Rez mistakenly left the words “Morrigan T2” on it, AKA Tier 2, which has the community up in arms, but if you look at past ranked skins, they’re nothing crazy either. Rather, they’re status symbols showing who played at that time. 75 wins over an entire year could also be a lot more demanding, and players don’t have to reach a specific rank like with past seasons.

Even though the skin has a tier two model, it will come with a unique voice pack and visual effects as confirmed by Lead Designer HiRezAjax. Ranked skins are often called “Tier 2.5s” because they look like Tier 2s but also have features typical of Tier 3 skins such as voice packs and altered ability effects.

Morrigan Season 4 Ranked Reward Skin 2
Close-ups of The Morrigan skin (image courtesy of Hi-Rez Studios)

Speaking of what is needed to get the rewards, SMITE players need 75 ranked wins (across all ranked modes) to be eligible to receive the skin and 150 for the loading card. According to an earlier post from Ajax, it will be your highest ranking from any split (yep, even the debacle that was the first split). If you have the 150 wins, you’ll receive a separate loading card for your highest rank in each mode. This means you’ll get up to three cards: Ranked Conquest, Ranked Duel and Ranked Joust.

SMITE Season 4 Ranked Loading Card
Season 4’s unique loading card, earned for getting 150 wins throughout the season (image courtesy of Hi-Rez Studios)

According to SMITE’s in-game client on PC, there are 37 days left in Season 4 as of this posting, which is plenty of time to get cracking on a few more wins. According to SMITE’s Xbox client, there are 44 days left in the season.

Update: The skin has been revealed in the SMITE 5.1 patch notes as Pale Raven Morrigan.

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