SMITE Season 5 jungle camps and jungle bosses: what we know so far

SMITE’s fifth season approaches rapidly. The designers at Hi-Rez haven’t been dropping subtle hints; they’re telling and showing SMITE players exactly what they can expect in Season 5. There is a lot of Season 5 text to read through on reddit and SMITE Lead Designer HiRezAjax’s Tumblr, so here are some handy bullet points to give you the quick version on various topics.


Season 5 Blue Buff Preview SMITE
Season 5 blue buff preview (image credit Hi-Rez Studios)
  • Visually, the red buff is now a manticore
  • It should be clearer when a buff can be picked up
  • Buffs can be picked up as soon as they hit the ground (no more of that weird moment where it looks like the buff can be picked up, but it can’t)

Gold Fury

SMITE Season 5 Gold Fury Preview
Season 5 Gold Fury preview (image credit Hi-Rez Studios)
  • “Slight design changes”
  • Getting an early Gold Fury should be “less snowball-y”
  • A late game Gold Fury should be “more impactful”
  • “Remodeled this boss to be based more off of an actual Greek ‘Fury,’ which is a demon from a part of the underworld, instead of a bird lady”


SMITE Season 5 Oracles Preview
Season 5 Oracles preview (image credit Hi-Rez Studios)
  • Have their own camp instead of crowding the Gold Fury
  • Have the same function as Season 4 (give vision)
  • New visual should match the aesthetic of the rest of the map

Portal Demon

SMITE Season 5 Pyromancer Preview
Season 5 Pyromancer (Portal Demon replacement) preview (image credit Hi-Rez Studios)
  • No longer the Portal Demon. Now the Pyromancer
  • No longer grants a portal
  • Instead, gives the entire team a speed buff after leaving fountain (think Swiftwing)

Fire Giant

SMITE Season 5 Fire Giant Preview
Season 5 Fire Giant preview (image credit Hi-Rez Studios)
  • New model based on Surtr, Bringer of Ragnarok
  • Will still have ranged, melee and rift attacks
  • No more pools attack
  • Will have two new styles of attacks in addition
  • Now an “evolving camp” like Gold Fury: will be more difficult to take down, but will have greater rewards

Do note that all the art is in-progress and may change, but these quick glimpses are still neat to see. The changes, particularly the Portal Demon change, will be interesting on the battleground in SMITE Season 5.

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