SMITE X Edition to be free for all Xbox players

Last month, something called the SMITE X Edition popped up on the Xbox store. The X Edition was marked as “Coming Soon,” and no one knew much about it.

Thanks to a tweet from the official SMITE Twitter account, we now know the bundle, which contains “the Japanese Warrior Amaterasu and her Shining Heaven Skin. Plus, you’ll get a 3 Day Booster to kick-start your ascension into godliness!” is supposed to be a free gift for Xbox users in celebration of SMITE’s Xbox One X enhancements.

SMITE X Edition Pricing Error

The only problem? There is a pricing error, which is causing the bundle to show up at $14.99. If you’re familiar with SMITE’s pricing, your spidey senses were probably tingling that 15 bucks is too much for a Tier 2 skin and a booster. So do not purchase this bundle until the price shows up as free, and if you already purchased it, get a refund using Xbox’s refund system.

There is also confusion about if you need the bundle to receive the 4k update for Xbox One X. You don’t need to own the bundle to get the enhancements; that can be downloaded as an update. The bundle only contains the Amaterasu skin (and the god if you don’t own her) and booster.

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