SMITE’s skin tiers and terms explained

Like the end of the Odyssey does every year, the release of Ullr’s tier 5 skin has prompted questions about SMITE’s skin tiers. Whether you’re a new player or a longtime fan who was never quite clear on what makes a tier 2 versus a tier 3 or are a little fuzzy on what an exclusive skin is, the list below will be your reference guide.

Tier 1 AKA Recolor

Rebellious Discordia Recolor SMITE
Rebellious Discordia is a tier 1, AKA recolor, SMITE skin

Tier 1 skins, or recolors, change the color of a SMITE god’s standard or default skin, but usually nothing else. That’s why these simple skins have earned the term ‘recolor.’ Recolors can be directly purchased with 9,500 favor or 100 gems.

Recent examples: Rebellious Discordia, Shogun Hachiman, Den Mother Artio

Tier 2

Maha Rakta Ganesha SMITE
Maha Rakta Ganesha is a tier 2 SMITE skin

Tier 2 skins offer more noticeable visual changes than a recolor but much less than a tier 3 or 4 skin. Think of them as enhancements to a god’s default skin. Tier 2 skins are also void of special ability affects and voice packs, which would be characteristic of a tier 3 or tier 4 skin. Tier 2 skins are directly purchasable for 250 gems.

Recent examples: Wild Druid Artio, Maha Rakta Ganesha, Harbinger Nike

Tier 3

Dark Summoner Nu Wa SMITE
Dark Summoner Nu Wa is a tier 3 SMITE skin

Tier 3 skins have complete model changes as opposed to enhancements like tier 2 skins. Tier 3 skins may also have ability animation changes, visual effects or a unique voice pack, but not always. When directly purchasable, tier 3 skins cost 400 gems.

Recent examples: Dark Summoner Nu Wa, Laughing Skull Bakasura, Dread-Lord Fafnir

Tier 4

Midnight Dove Awilix SMITE
Midnight Dove Awilix is a tier 4, community-voted SMITE skin

Tier 4 skins have complete model changes with ability animation changes, new visual effects and unique voice packs. When directly purchasable, tier 4 skins cost 600 gems. 600 gem tier 4 skins aren’t often released for direct purchase anymore; it’s more common to see tier 4 skins as exclusives in chests and through events.

Recent examples: Midnight Dove Awilix, Expelled Hel, Recon Artemis

Tier 5

SMITE Frostfire Ullr
Frostfire Ullr is a tier 5 SMITE skin obtained by earning 98,000 Odyssey points in the 2017 Odyssey

So far, tier 5 skins are only available once per year as the final reward for SMITE’s annual Odyssey event. In addition to possessing all the features of a tier 4 skin, tier 5 skins have effects exclusive to tier 5 skins such as evolving models that become more advanced as a god increases in levels. Tier 5 skins are always limited.

Examples: Frostfire Ullr, Demonic Pact Anubis, Archon Thanatos

.5 skins?

Morrigan Season 4 Ranked Reward Skin
Hi-Rez has labeled The Morrigan’s ranked skin “T2” but said it will have ability effects and a voice pack

It’s also worth mentioning that SMITE skins sometimes fall between the cracks with the community dubbing them “2.5,” “3.5” or “4.5” skins. What this means is that these skins contain characteristics of two different tiers.

A good example is the skins given as rewards for ranked, such as Berserker Ullr. The skin has cosmetic changes comparable to tier 2 skins but has its own voice pack, which is a feature of tier 3 skins. This has earned Berserker and others the description “tier 2.5.”

Mastery skins

SMITE Serqet New Mastery Skins
Serqet’s golden mastery skin

Mastery skins are essentially recolors that allow a player to show off their mastery level on a god after they reach certain levels. Golden skins can be purchased at mastery level 1 for 200 gems or 9,500 favor, legendary skins can be purchased at mastery level 5 for 300 gems or 12,500 favor, and diamond skins can be purchased at mastery level 10 for 400 gems or 15,000 favor.

Golden skins offer a gold and blue tint to a god’s default skin, legendary skins are blue and gold colored, and diamond skins are blue and diamond.

Availability Terms

Hi-Rez also has terms that apply to the availability of SMITE skins, such as direct purchase, exclusive and limited. It’s important to remember that these terms do not speak to the quality of a skin like the tiers do, only its availability or method of purchase.

Direct Purchase/Standard

SMITE Discordia Mastery Skins
Mastery skins are an example of items available for direct purchase on the SMITE store

Direct purchase items, also called standard items, can be purchased on SMITE’s in-game store at all times without any caveats. This can include recolors/tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 or tier 4 skins, voice packs, ward skins, announcer packs and more.


SMITE Order and Chaos Hel Skin
Order and Chaos Hel is an exclusive skin that will only be available through chests once the Odyssey ends

Exclusive items cannot be directly purchased in SMITE. Instead, they are obtained in other ways: through events, chests, other Hi-Rez Studios games such as Paladins or Hand of the Gods, watching Twitch, and more. Exclusive items are not always available, and players may have to wait for a certain time of year to roll around to be able to obtain the items (ex. holiday skins or seasonal skins).


Demonic Pact Anubis SMITE
Demonic Pact Anubis will never be available again

Limited items are not available again, through any avenues, once their availability ends. Examples of limited items include seasonal ranked reward skins and loading frames, Adventure bundle skins, tier 5 skins and more.

Do note that Hi-Rez has occasionally offered codes for limited skins as rewards for players who give large donations to charity. For donating $1,000 during the 2017 Spring Fling event for Make-A-Wish, players could get a code for Archon Thanatos or Poolseidon Poseidon.

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