Holiday 2017 SMITE gem sales begin

The question on SMITE players’ minds this week has been, “When do the gem sales start?” The answer is today. Gems are officially discounted in the official SMITE store and in-game. That’s on PC, though. Gems had already been discounted on Xbox One, and, as of this writing, PlayStation users are still waiting for their sales to go live.

SMITE Holiday Gem Sales 2017
SMITE’s holiday gem sale 2017

In some cases, like the 400 and 800 gem bundles, the prices are slightly more discounted than the Black Friday sale. The best deal is still the 8,000 gem pack for $64.99.

Remember, if you’re a PC player who uses SMITE through Steam, you can also use Steam wallet money to purchase gems through the in-game client, which is handy if you happened to get any Steam gift cards this Christmas. And, of course, if you’re a console player, gift cards for your respective platform can go toward your gem fund.

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