Splyce, SK Gaming and more organizations join the SMITE Pro League for Season 5

The Hi-Rez Expo just concluded. Throughout the event, Hi-Rez revealed the Season 5 map, crowned eUnited the world champions and more. But they’re not done surprising players for Season 5 just yet — the SMITE Pro Twitter account has been revealing the organizations who are on board for Season 5 of the SMITE Pro League, and they’ve managed to attract some big names.

Note: SMITE Scrub will continue to update this article as more organizations are announced, as well as when the rosters are revealed.

SMITE Pro League 2018 Logo

First up is Splyce, a well-known name the competitive scenes for CS:GO, Call of Duty, League of Legends and more. Their roster has been announced here.

Spacestation Gaming has confirmed to be returning for Season 5 of the SPL. In Season 4, the organization picked up the old SoaR roster with Homiefe, ScaryD, Andinster, Zapman, Jigz, and djpernicus as coach. They later picked up Xeno and the Bots, a Challenger Cup team with Elchapo, Incon, Uzzy, Plazma and XenoTronics. Their Season 5 roster was announced here.

SK Gaming, which hasn’t been seen in the SPL since their roster took fourth in the 2015 SMITE World Championships, will join the SPL in Season 5.

Trifecta has also been confirmed for Season 5 of the SPL.

Following the Mythic debacle, Rival has been confirmed to be returning to the SPL in Season 5.

Obey Alliance has been confirmed to rejoin the SMITE Pro League for Season 5.

Team Dignitas will also be back for Season 5:

EUnited — which has said they will have no roster changes — has been confirmed for SPL Season 5.

That’s all for now, but the article will be updated as more news is released.

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