Hachiman to be fixed and re-added to SMITE console ranked with patch 4.25

If you play ranked on SMITE console, you’ve probably noticed Hachiman hasn’t been available to pick in ranked. Like, for a really long time. The reason is that his Eagle Eye ability is bugged and can go through minions, making him one heck of a pain in lane in casuals, where he is playable. No, that was not the buff of the century; it’s a bug that has gone unfixed.

Hachiman SMITE Default
Hachiman: the bane of console players’ existence at the moment.

After a post asking why Hachiman hadn’t been fixed on consoles gained more than 100 upvotes on reddit, Community Specialist HiRezSt3alth confirmed the bug would be fixed with patch 4.25: Warden of the Underworld, and presumably Hachiman will be re-added to ranked at the same time. Patch 4.25, which adds Cerberus and the new Ragnarok event, is supposed on go live for Xbox One and PS4 on Tuesday, January 16.

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