SMITE’s 2018 season ticket detailed for Season 5

Season 5 is about to launch, and that Season 4 ticket of yours is about to become obsolete. Hi-Rez has a few changes in store for the 2018 season ticket, so let’s see what’s new and what’s familiar.

Fantasy Points Store

The new feature of this year’s ticket is the Fantasy Points Store. Instead of players only earning specific rewards at each goal, they will now be able to spend their points on rewards they choose from the Fantasy Points Store. According to Hi-Rez, “Each Patch a few of these skins will be replaced with new skins previously only unlockable through Chests.” The skins are recolors of existing skins, equivalent to the Undying Chest of past years.

The rewards for season ticket levels have not gone away, however, and players will still earn rewards at designated FP goals.

The season ticket is once again separated into splits with a bundle to be released for each split with a limited skin. Of course, players can still earn fantasy points for free, but they do so at half the rate of players who purchased the bundle.

Spring Split Pass

For 400 gems, the Spring Split Pass includes:

  • Limited Skin – Star Salvager Skadi
  • Unlock SMITE esports voting – Earn 30 FP for correct votes!
  • 10 Team Boosters – All Skins
  • Bonus Quests for additional FP
  • Earn Double Fantasy Points for every match you win or lose (based on match time)
  • Unlock Rewards such as Skins and Chest Rolls
  • Ability to spend Fantasy Points in the Fantasy Point Store
Star Salvager Skadi Skin SMITE
Star Salvager Skadi, available in the Spring Split Pass for the 2018 SMITE season ticket

Like last year, SMITE players can also buy a optional and more expensive bundle that offers the contents of the Spring Split Pass plus an extra 2,500 fantasy points. It’s 1,200 gems.

2018 Summer Split Pass

  • TBA

2018 Fall Split Pass

  • TBA

Hi-Rez also has yet to reveal the full rewards list for the ticket levels, but they have partially revealed what to expect, including the final reward of a limited Demonic Thanatos skin.

The final point reward is earned at 80,000 points instead of 30,000, so either the value of points earned per game has gone up, or SMITE players are in for some serious grinding.

2018 Season Ticket Levels and Rewards

Demonic Thanatos SMITE Skin
Demonic Thanatos (final season ticket reward, 80,000 fantasy points)
  • Level 1 (915 FP): Cutesy Chest
  • Level 2 (2,206 FP): Enigma Chest
  • Level 3 (3,496 FP): Beam Me Up
  • Level 4 (4,786 FP): Cool Dude Jump Stamp
  • Level 5 (6,077 FP): Enigma Chest
  • Level 6 (7,367 FP): Enigma Chest
  • Level 7 (8,657 FP): Cool Dude Global Emote
  • Level 8 (9,948 FP): Exclusive Knight of Wisdom Athena Skin
  • Final Reward (80,000 FP): Exclusive Demonic Thanatos Skin
Knight of Wisdom Athena Skin SMITE
Knight of Wisdom Athena (9,948 fantasy points reward)

SMITE Scrub will continue to update this post as more details are released about the 2018 season ticket and rewards, so check back for updates.



    • The season ticket for 2018 just started with the launch of Season 5 last month, so it’s still going! Season 4’s ticket has ended.

      Are you perhaps looking on the loading screen instead of in the season ticket tab? Loading screens now display season ticket level, and there is a level 0, which has caused some confusion because it looks as though users have no FP. If you look in the season ticket tab of the menu, you should be earning FP just fine.

      Hope this helped!


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