New Spacestation Gaming SMITE roster brings back Season 1 memories

Spacestation Gaming has announced their SMITE Pro League Season 5 roster. The roster is reminiscent of the 2015 Worlds-winning COG Prime roster and already has fans going crazy over the reunion.

The roster sees Andinster return to the jungle after playing mid for Spacestation in Season 4. Jeff, Barra, Baskin and Aquarius — who all played for Luminosity in Season 4 — will keep the roles they played in Season 4.

Spacestation Gaming SMITE Season 5 Roster Announcement

  • Hunter: BaRRaCCuDDA
  • Support: JeffHindla
  • Mid: Baskin
  • Jungle: Andinster
  • Solo: Aquarius

Jeff, Barra and Andinster were on COG Prime together when they won Worlds in 2015. At the time, they had Omega playing solo lane and MLCSt3alth (who now works for Hi-Rez as a Community Specialist) playing mid. Later, Jeff, Barra, Andi and Baskin all played together on Cloud 9.

Of course, while once upon a time, this was the dream roster, time has gone by. It will be interesting to see how the gang holds up in today’s competitive climate. Spacestation was already confirmed at an earlier date for the SPL, so fans will be seeing the Spacestation boys in official matches in no time.

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