Splyce announces SMITE Pro League Season 5 roster

Splyce is a long-standing esports organization, but new to SMITE. The organization was confirmed for SPL entry just days ago. Now Splyce has announced their new roster, and they’re already shaping up to be fan favorites with the big names they’ve signed on.

Splyce Season 5 SPL Roster

TheBest, Aror and Divios have been around in their roles a long time and all played together on Eager before its dismantle, which led the trio to break off into different teams. CycloneSpin most recently played solo for Allegiance.

If you have no idea who the heck Yujiii is, look no further than the Grandmaster Conquest leaderboards. If that doesn’t ring any bells, he used to go by homieg and was serving a competitive ban before it was lifted in December 2017.

SMITE Grandmaster Leaderboards
SMITE’s Grandmaster leaderboards as of January 19, 2018

Now we’ve seen the Splyce and Spacestation lineups. Who will be next to announce their SPL Season 5 roster?

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