The Ascent – Takeoff documentary goes behind the scenes of eUnited’s SWC 2018 win

Gamers never pass up an opportunity to get to know their favorite players better, which is why documentaries like From Out of Nowhere: The History of Obey SMITE and JeffHindla and BaRRaCCuDDa – a SMITE Story are much beloved by fans. Fresh off their January 7 2018 SMITE World Championships win, eUnited has released The Ascent – Takeoff, a documentary that follows the players during the event.

The Ascent - Takeoff Thumbnail

Whether you’re a specifically a fan of PolarBearMike, PandaCat, Screammmmm, Venenu and Benji, are a dedicated SMITE player, or just love esports in general, the mini-doc will give you some insight into the players’ mindset going into each match-up, the team dynamic and individual player personalities.

The video is a nice way to send off the team’s win and transition to SMITE’s Season 5, which should be exciting with a completely new map and other big changes that start in patch 5.1.

Team Rival — SWC 2018 runner-ups who fell to eUnited in the finals — have already been confirmed for the SMITE Pro League Season 5, and Rival left a message for eUnited in the comments section of the YouTube video: “We’ll be ready for the rematch at HRX 2019!”

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