Trifecta’s Season 5 SPL roster announced

Trifecta, another organization that had earlier been confirmed for Season 5 of the SMITE Pro League, has announced their 2018 roster.

  • Mask (Jungler/Captain)
  • Zapman (ADC)
  • Metyankey (Mid)
  • ScaryD (Solo)
  • Neirumah (Support)

Trifecta’s new roster is a mix of strong players and fan favorites who haven’t performed at the highest level in recent years. Mask is the only player on the roster whose team competed in 2018 SMITE World Championships, but the other four are all well-known in the scene, either for past accomplishments, high-level play or as popular streamers.

Trifecta SPL Roster Announcement

Last week, observant SMITE players thought they had discovered Trifecta’s new roster when W3aken, Metyankey, Oceans and Zapman followed Trifecta’s CEO ShooK on Twitter. With the announcement of this roster that does include Met and Zapman, that post was partially correct, though obviously Oceans and W3aken did not join the team.

Trifecta joins Spacestation and Splyce as the only teams to announce their rosters thus far (outside of eUnited and Rival, who had earlier confirmed they would have no roster changes following Worlds).

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