SMITE’s Season 5 PTS gets a balance patch

Yesterday, Hi-Rez issued a hot fix to take care of issues plaguing SMITE’s public test server — on which SMITE PC players can give a beta test of Season 5 a spin before it hits the live client — such as perma-Cursed Ankh and not being able to sell blessings. Today, another patch was released for the PTS. This one includes balance changes.

SMITE Season 5 Conquest Map
The Season 5 Conquest map’s foggy jungle

The hot fix patch notes are separated into three sections: map changes, balance changes and bug fixes. Read below for the patch notes or visit the post on SMITE’s official forums here.

Map Changes

  • Increased Gold Fury Health per Minute from 225 to 275
  • Increased Pyromancer Health per Minute from 200 to 250
  • Increased Fire Giant Health per Minute from 175 to 225
  • Added 5 XP per Minute to Fire Giant/Enhanced Fire Giant
  • Reduced Lane Minion Gold per 3 Minute from 1 to 0.5
  • Reduced Jungle Camps Gold per 3 Minutes from 2 to 1.5
  • Lane Minion and Jungle Camp scaling caps at 21 minutes, This means their “worth” will increase 7 times total, each for the above amount.
  • Jungle Boss scaling caps at 25 minutes (Same as S4 but added for reference)

Balance Changes

  • All Recommended Item sets have been updated to include S5 items
  • Blessings
    • Mage’s Blessing
      • Decrease Bonus Damage on Abilities from 30 to 25
      • Decrease MP5 from 3 to 2 per stack
    • Hunter’s Blessing
      • Increased MP5 from 5 to 10
    • Warrior’s Blessing
      • Increased Health from 50 to 100
      • Added +40 mana restored per god damage trigger
  • Items
    • Obsidian Shard / Titan’s Bane / Spell Focus / Warrior’s Bane
      • Description and Design updated to apply all % pen to gods only (even the non-scaling part)
    • Typhon’s Fang
      • Update description to make the items effects more clear.
      • Typhon’s Fang increases healing gained from lifesteal, and thus allows higher lifesteal than the 65% cap
      • The Power bonus from lifesteal from this item is not affected by the other part of the passive.
    • Hide of The Urchin
      • Fixed an issue where the timer that regenerated the shield would stop after a death
    • Gauntlet of Thebes
      • This item now stacks off of jungle monster assists too
    • Reinforced Boots/Greaves
      • Increase Cost to 1550
  • Gods
    • Anubis
      • Passive description update
      • Change Sorrow bonus lifesteal from item stats to bonus healing from lifesteal
        • This has been changed to be more consistent with typhons
        • The cap is still 65% lifesteal but anubis can get additional healing beyond that through his passive
    • Passive Abilities
      • General Note
        • ALL gods who have passive abilities that can deal damage should trigger items. These abilities will trigger ability based passives by default. (Mages Blessing, Spear of the Magus)
        • Many gods who fit in the above character have their bonus damage listed as basic attack damage. Those will trigger basic attack items. (Hunters Blessing, Telkhines Ring)
        • Any gods that are not listed here should adhere to the rules above.
        • Some gods have their own item trigger effects that should be described in the abilities
          • Cernunnos Passive triggers no items
          • Izanami Triggers them only on first target hit
          • Erlang Shen applies debuffs 2x and damage at a reduced fraction
      • AMC
        • Bees (Passive Ability)
          • This damage dealt by this ability now triggers mages blessing
      • Susano
        • Gathering Storm (Passive Ability)
          • This damage dealt by this ability now triggers mages blessing
      • Agni
        • Combustion (Passive Ability)
          • This damage dealt by this ability now triggers mages blessing
      • Athena
        • Reach (Passive Ability)
          • This ability has been adjusted to deal only basic attack damage, and thus only trigger basic attack item effects
      • Terra
        • Standing Stones (Passive Ability)
          • This ability has been adjusted to deal only basic attack damage, and thus only trigger basic attack item effects

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Minion Spawner Doors in Season 5 Conquest map don’t align
  • Fixed an issue where souls made by Cerberus third ability don’t take damage from abilities
  • Fixed Aphrodite and soul mate have weird material applied during Aphro’s ult
  • Increase tankiness of Jungle Bosses
  • Add cap to XP/Gold scaling to Jungle Camps and Minions (Cap of 8)
  • Add cap to XP/Gold scaling to Jungle Bosses (Cap of 25)
  • Fix collision towards the back of each base and side lanes
  • Fire Giant and Gold Fury will now trigger Accolade Alerts when killed
  • Fixed an issue where S5 Conquest Death Camera can get stuck in Titans’ Crystal
  • Updated Cerberus ultimate to only suspend Gods in the air
  • Fixed an issue where Cerberus’s souls sometimes prevented him from auto attacking his target.
  • Fixed an issue where Cerberus soul could body block auto attacks

The patch is available to download now for SMITE’s PC public test server.

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