For a limited time, get a free SMITE Awesome Chest with Twitch Prime

A couple days ago, I got a random Awesome Chest in SMITE. I was confused. As it turns out — due to an eventual official announcement from Hi-Rez — the free Awesome Chest was courtesy of me being a Twitch Prime member who had recently redeemed Twitch Prime loot in another Hi-Rez Studios game, Paladins.

SMITE Free Awesome Chest

Basically, what you’ve got to do is this:

  • Be a Twitch Prime member. In case you weren’t aware, Twitch Prime is free with Amazon Prime, so if you already use Amazon Prime, link your Twitch account to your Amazon account for a free Twitch Prime membership
  • Redeem the Paladins loot here
  • The free Awesome Chest should appear automatically in your Rewards Center next time you log into SMITE

Awesome Chests give a guaranteed exclusive SMITE skin, so this is a chance to get a cool or rare skin that you’d otherwise have to roll in chests or get through other promotional events.

The promotion is limited, so do it fast. The exact end date wasn’t mentioned, but most Twitch Prime promotions last until the end of the month, so you may only have until the end of January.

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