Hi-Rez details plans to improve SMITE’s console experience

Any SMITE player will tell you that PC is SMITE’s main platform. The game originated and flourished there for years before branching out to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2015. In addition to being the home of PTS testing, PC gets patches first and is the focus of competitive SMITE play. But even if PC comes first, that doesn’t make it right for the game to be in a poor state on consoles, an issue that has come to a head in the SMITE community.


A January 22 SMITE subreddit post titled “The Lack Of Console Support And Attention Is Making Many People Start To Leave” garnered more than 500 upvotes from console and PC players alike. The post cited problems like Hachiman’s Eagle Eye ability being bugged on console for weeks, UI glitches, victories being counted as losses, players getting deserter penalties for no reason and more.

Community Specialist HiRezSt3alth replied to the post that “[Hi-Rez is] working on an official response to this.” HiRezIsiah followed up with an official reply on January 23.

In the post, Hi-Rez “agree[s] that we need to improve” and announced that they have poured more resources into the console side of things. Hi-Rez added more quality assurance, or QA, team members, created a more transparent bug fixing process, updated the console bug reporting system and will be more active in helping players troubleshoot network issues.

SMITE Oni Musha Hachiman
A bug to Hachiman’s Eagle Eye ability that made it able to pass through minions went unfixed for weeks on console, making him one heck of a tough opponent in the laning phase. He was removed from ranked the entire time but continued to plague casuals.

Isiah also mentions more “long-term solutions” like improving console tech, which will make the Xbox One and PlayStation clients less susceptible to the bugs and stability issues to which they are prone.

The responses from console players have so far been positive, with many saying they appreciate the transparency. Hopefully, Hi-Rez will be able to work with the community to better the console experience, which will improve how SMITE is viewed as a whole.

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