Joust added to SMITE’s Season 5 PTS with another round of bug fixes

With SMITE Season 5‘s official release date of January 30th, the developers at Hi-Rez are hard at work fixing all the issues players have discovered during the PTS. Following downtime, another hot fix has just gone live for the SMITE Season 5 PTS. Here are the patch notes.

SMITE Season 5 Rift
Order base, as seen fro the mid-lane rift

Most notably, Joust is now available to be tested for the first time in Season 5.

General Changes

  • Added Joust to the PTS

There has been one balance change to Ethereal Staff:

Balance Changes

  • Ethereal Staff
    • Changed the item’s passive to deal magic damage instead of true damage.

The rest of the patch was devoted to bug fixes:

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED – Arena builds for Warrior classes are missing Relics and Consumables in the God Builder.
  • FIXED – Guardian’s Blessing doesn’t work off jungle bosses.
  • FIXED – Fire Giant can knock players behind him with his knockup.
  • FIXED – Jungle camps that take damage during intro animation will not be pulled by the player.
  • FIXED – The Season Ticket was missing the remaining 3 Skin cards in the Home 3D scene.
  • FIXED – Avatar hover icons are too small in avatar selection screen.
  • FIXED – Pyromancer plays gold fury coin FX when spawning.
  • FIXED – Warrior’s Blessing has no cooldown.
  • FIXED – Issues with purchasing Soul Gem in the item store.
SMITE Season 5 Order Titan
The Order Titan

There is also a hefty list of known issues, which will be fixed in follow-up patches:

Known Issues

  • There is an invisible wall in front of the Chaos side Void Buff.
  • Ethereal Staff’s tooltip is incorrect. The passive should say that it deals magic damage instead of true damage.
  • Chaos base rocks cause collision with flying gods.
  • The Mantle of Discord is incorrectly listed as an Aura item.
  • “Bees!” should not be classed as a pet ability.
  • Unable to purchase new starter item after buying one, exiting fountain, and selling
  • pyromancer is giving incorrect xp/min scaling
  • Typhon’s fang is giving unintended lifesteal values.
  • Polynomicon has an incorrect price
  • Soul Gem is dealing physical damage

The PTS is back up now to be played with the changes.

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