New SMITE Terms Glossary live now on SMITE Scrub

I’m always looking for ways to better SMITE Scrub. Something I’ve been working on over the past few months is a new feature: the SMITE Terms Glossary. When I heard about Paragon’s cancellation, I knew I had to push to the finish line to help the new players making their way into uncharted SMITE territory.

SMITE Terms Glossary

I looked through the in-client SMITE glossary and other glossaries on the web, and none were comprehensive. The in-game client focuses on mechanics and was lacking in player slang (though it’s still an excellent resource), and terms list maintained by third-party sites were out of date or only scratching the surface of the abundance of terminology.

The SMITE Terms Glossary is a permanent feature on SMITE Scrub that I’ve added to the top menu. I’ll continue to update it as more terms become prevalent — over the past few days, I’ve been making sure to add the new Season 5 terms — and keep the glossary current as the months go by.

SMITE terms
Excerpt from the SMITE Terms Glossary

If even one person finds the glossary useful, then it’s a job well done. Of course, SMITE Scrub is community-driven, much like SMITE in general. If you see any errors, missing terms or have any feedback, I’m always listening.

All the best,


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