Hi-Rez will adjust SMITE’s 2018 season ticket values following user feedback

Negative feedback on SMITE’s brand-new, 2018 season ticket came in hot and fast after today’s launch of patch 5.1, the start of Season 5. The complaints can be summed up as an increased price in rewards with a decrease in the amount of fantasy points awarded.

Instead of giving players’ the same amount per win and loss like past years, Hi-Rez tried out a new system that would reward players more for a longer match — supposedly. Players reported earning pitiful amounts such as 3-4 fantasy points per game even with ownership of the split pass as opposed to last year’s 10 points per loss/20 points per win. Coupled with the fact that rewards now go as high as 80,000 fantasy points compared to 2017’s 30,000, players weren’t happy.

Demonic Thanatos SMITE Skin
Demonic Thanatos: worth 80,000 FP?

A reddit post from user Draco990, which got more than 600 upvotes, included calculations which estimated playtime to earn the final season ticket reward, which is the 80,000-point Demonic Thanatos skin, as the following:

  • Players who buy the ticket every split with a 50% win rate: 1,750 hours
  • Players who buy the upgraded ticket (includes bonus 2,500 FP) every split with a 50% win rate: 1,562 hours
  • People who buy the ticket and win every game with FP boosters active: 521 hours

Of course, it’s unlikely, if not full-blown impossible, that a player could go the entire season with a 100% win rate with boosters and still earn the 80,000 FP needed to earn the Thanatos skin, but the calculation does hammer home the point of how much grinding would be required to earn all the rewards.

Star Salvager Skadi Skin SMITE
Star Salvager Skadi is the limited skin included with the Spring Split Pass

Community Specialist HiRezSt3alth already responded to the post with the following:

  • Fantasy Points: We will be increasing the value of FP received per match to mirror the values from last year (5/10 points for a loss/win, or 10/20 if you’ve purchased the Season Ticket split pass). Additionally, if you’re in a match that lasts longer than 20 minutes, you’ll receive bonus FP per minute to account for the time spent in game (up to a 60 minute cap). With this change, players are able to earn more FP than last year.
  • Rewards: This year’s Season Ticket will be bigger and better than anything we’ve done before. Compared to last year, there are more items and rewards available with many more still to come. We’ll also be rotating different Exclusive Skins into the Season Ticket Store every patch that will be purchasable with FP! We’ve added Team Badges that will give you big FP bonuses to help you make your way to those Season Ticket rewards.
  • Demonic Thanatos: Speaking of Season Ticket rewards, we wanted to address the Demon in the room. Over the years, we’ve had a handful of players go above and beyond the rewards we had in place. Because of this we added a new tier at the top for those players to strive for with Demonic Thanatos.

So the good news is that Hi-Rez has agreed to adjust the FP values to mirror last season with the added bonus of more FP per minute in 20+ minute games. However, based on St3alth’s post, it looks like Hi-Rez will not be budging on the price of Demonic Thanatos, which was the other concern in the reddit post.

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