Gigantic servers will shut down in July

Developer Motiga has announced the servers will be shut down for Gigantic, a third-person MOBA in the same vein as SMITE.

The story is eerily similar to that of Paragon, Epic Games’ third-person MOBA, which just met its untimely end last week. Motiga painted a similar picture to Epic: the game had been failing for months, they tried to make it work, and in the end, scrapping the game was their best bet.

Gigantic’s servers will be shut off on July 31. In the meantime, every hero will be available for free (formerly, they had to purchased individually or with a Founder’s Pack similar to SMITE’s), and prices have been slashed in the shop. Buying Rubies and Hero Packs has been disabled.

Gigantic Shuts Down

Why do we care here over on the SMITE side of the things? Well, first of all, everyone feels the pain of a beloved game coming to an end. Some of us may have even been Paragon and Gigantic players ourselves. And just like Paragon’s downfall brought an influx of players to the SMITE community because of the similar gameplay style, Gigantic’s is sure to do the same thing.

To any Gigantic players out there, we’d be more than happy to have you join the SMITE community and are sorry for the loss of Gigantic.

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