New SMITE Scrub series: Random Buff (and Nerf) Ideas

Here on SMITE Scrub, finding more SMITE topics to talk about in between patch notes, news and SPL seasons is always a priority. I’d like to introduce you to the next SMITE Scrub series: Random Buff Ideas. Every week, a god will be chosen, and a random buff for that god will be discussed. With nearly 100 SMITE gods, each with four abilities and one passive, the possibilities are endless.

SMITE Season 5 Patch 5.1 God Buffs and Nerfs

Of course, no one wants to hear about (another) Ullr buff. Therefore, during some weeks, a nerf will instead be discussed. You’re going to love Random Nerf Idea #22: Remove He Bo From The Game (I kid, I kid. But really, if you want to remove him, no complaints here).

Without further ado, I give you the first installment: Random Buff Idea #1: Kumbhakarna’s Mighty Yawn.

Hopefully the series will generate discussion and even better ideas among the community.


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