Hi-Rez sheds more light on SMITE’s pro team badges

Hi-Rez has released more details about badges, which are a new feature of SMITE’s 2018 season ticket. We knew that players could purchase and equip badges in support of their favorite team, but it wasn’t clear how exactly they worked. Community Specialist MLCSt3alth posted an explanation on SMITE’s official site.

First of all, badge owners get bonus FP, 700 to be exact, for each badge purchased. When a team whose badge they own wins, they receive an additional 40 FP (don’t worry about having the badge equipped; as long as you own it, you’ll get the FP).

SMITE Season 5 Badges
SMITE’s in-game badges section

In addition, the banners in Conquest mode will change to whichever pro team a majority of the players have equipped. When players win with a badge equipped, they level up their badge to earn “Avatars, Wards, Loading Frames, and Hud Skins.”

Breaking down the numbers

Badges cost 500 gems. As we know, you get 700 FP immediately for buying a badge, plus the passive 40 FP every team that team wins a match, which is 1.4 FP per gem not including the bonus FP. To flat-out buy fantasy points, SMITE charges 300 gems per 500 FP, which is about 1.67 FP per gem. Even if your team only manages to win two matches the entire season, giving you an extra 80 FP, you’ll start to even the score with 1.56 FP per gem. Plus, you get all the other team goodies from leveling up the badge.

So, speaking only in terms of fantasy points, badges are a pretty good deal. If your team manages to pull out more than a few wins, then you’re easily getting more bang for your buck than flat-out buying fantasy points. Of course, there are the added benefits of getting to support your team of choice and earning extra team gear, which on its own will make badges well worth the buy for some players.

One comment

  1. What this post is not telling you is that 300 GEMS for 500 fp is a scam it’s half a level last year is was almost 500 per level this year from the get go it’s 1000 each level and there are more levels it’s gonna be tough this year 300 GEMS for half a level is definitely a scam tho


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