Last chance to get SMITE’s Enyo Bellona skin through Hand of the Gods

SMITE’s Enyo Bellona skin, which can be obtained through the SMITE Tactics: Hand of the Gods Founders Pack, is soon to go the way of the Venus Aphrodite skin, which became unavailable in November.

With Hand of the Gods launching out of beta on February 20, the Founders Pack will no longer be purchasable. According to a tweet from Hi-Rez, the Founders Pack will be gone as of February 11 on PC and February 19 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

SMITE Enyo Bellona

Like Venus, Enyo Bellona is technically exclusive, so it should show up in a SMITE chest sooner or later. But Venus hasn’t returned since leaving HotG in November, so if you’re wanting Enyo anytime soon, you may want to snap it up before the Founder’s Pack is pulled from stores. You also get some Hand of the Gods goodies, so if you enjoy that game in addition to SMITE, it could be worth your while.

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