The Word of Thoth mechanics guide updated for Season 5

Flareb00t has announced The Word of Thoth mechanics guide has been updated to include SMITE’s new, Season 5 content.

The Word of Thoth is a handbook to SMITE’s more in-depth interactions and math: protections, lifesteal, penetration, objectives and more. Flareb00t has maintained the guide for nearly five years, and Thoth has been a constant reference for professional and casual players alike. If you’ve ever had questions like, “How does flat penetration compares to percent penetration?” or “How does diminishing returns stacks?,” then The Word of Thoth is the place to go.

SMITE Celestial Voyage Thoth
Thoth reading his favorite book, “The Word of Thoth”

SMITE’s Season 5 item additions, jungle changes and more have brought a wealth of new considerations as players try to figure out the most optimal way to build and play, and the updates to Thoth will help players on their constant quest to break the game.

If you see Flareb00t out there on the battleground of the gods, be sure to thank him for his hard work in maintaining an important piece of SMITE reference that helps explain SMITE’s more complicated concepts to players of all skill levels.

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