Hot fix goes out for SMITE’s anime Adventure issues

SMITE’s anime Adventure mode, which allowed players defeat hordes of enemies in exchange for fox points, which can be redeemed for chests that grant exclusive Ratatoskr skins, launched with just one problem: none of that worked. After every game, players were only getting the fox points for a one-star performance, the lowest score.

Senpai Da Ji SMITE Skin

A hot fix was deployed on February 15 that should fix that problem, among other reported bugs such as Da Ji’s Horrible Burns ability no longer giving Haste.

Developer Notes

  • We will be retroactively granting players Fox Chest based off the number of adventures games played.
  • We will also be setting up the fox roll counter in the adventure to properly display the number of rolls till a guaranteed fox skin (if the player’s don’t already have it), and giving the fox if they’ve already exceeded the required number of rolls.
  • And we will be redistributing the S4 League Reward Frames so that players have the correct frame.

Fixed Bugs

  • FIXED – Adventures counter not guaranteeing a Fox at 9 chest rolls.
  • FIXED – Ragnarok not awarding Awesome Chests.
  • FIXED – Da Ji’s ability, Horrible Burns, did not give haste effect.
  • FIXED – Esports banners in Conquest do not always match the badge used by majority.
  • FIXED – Buying the last item in the Winter Athletics Chest awards a Winter Athletics chest.
  • FIXED – Adventures Elite randomization logic is not working on round 4.
  • FIXED – Loki dying in ultimate startup will cause next ult to hit the same target.
  • FIXED – One of Da Ji’s lines in the Adventure does not have accompanying text/art
  • FIXED – Gold Key quantity doesn’t update after unlocking skin in gold vault.
  • FIXED – Adventures End of Match Lobby always shows 1 star.
  • FIXED – Corrupted Ward Skin has a missing texture for the orb
    FX Doom Orb Update
  • FIXED – Cerberus’ Oblivion Hound skin has armor that makes it incredibly hard to see that his heads are charged.
  • FIXED – Adventure enemy god life bars were too dark

Known Issues

  • Adventure Boss intro’s were occasionally not playing fireball FX.
  • Item store sometimes will not behave properly in non conquest game modes.

To see the official thread about the hot fix, head over to SMITE’s official forums here.

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