SMITE’s Legend of the Foxes 5.2 patch dated for Xbox One and PS4

If you’ve been on the lookout for SMITE’s 5.2: Legend of the Foxes patch console release date, there are no surprises here: the fan-dubbed “anime update” will launch on February 20. Hi-Rez always tries to get the console patches out on the Tuesday after the PC patch, so here we are.

Marvelous Maid Amaterasu
Marvelous Maid Amaterasu (Limited – Gold Vault)

The update includes the first Adventure of Season 5, called Da Ji’s Legend of the Foxes. With the start of the new Adventures, a Legend of the Foxes bundle is available, a new Gold Vault is here with two new skins and more. The Ragnarok event is also finishing up, so the Limited Hades skin will be available for those who purchased all three Ragnarok bundles.

The full 5.2 patch notes can be seen here.

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