SK Gaming’s Season 5 SMITE roster announced

At the beginning of 2018, it was confirmed that SK Gaming — which hasn’t fielded a SMITE roster since 2015 — would find themselves back in the SMITE Pro League for Season 5. But it wasn’t until today that the organization announced its roster.

SMITE's SK Gaming Roster Season 5

The roster is full of faces both old and… well, actually, no, there aren’t any new players here. Funballer, Lawbster, Duck3y and Faeles need no introduction as they’ve played on the same roster since Eanix, later Valance Squad. At the time, their support was BigManTingz, who tweeted on January 9 that he was no longer on the team.

Veteran SMITE players may recognize Badgah as well dating back to the SMITE beta years, though he has not played competitive since 2016 when he left to play Overwatch. After leaving due to burnout, Badgah now says “the game is super fun to play, and I can’t wait to play in the SPL.”

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